5 Secrets to create a viral content Part-1

Content is the important fuel to keep you live in the crowded social media. Without content your pages unable to get a light from the crowd. When one enters into social media they look for neither entertaining nor informative piece of content.  Always your content should be neither entertainingly informative nor informatively entertaining; also it should embed with your products or services behind the content. Now brands are creating pieces of good content and doing content marketing to get their audience’s attention for a bigger purpose.

Before writing content:

  • Put your mobile in silent or be away from it
  • Meditate for 2 minutes
  • Take a deep breath
  1. Niche (Specialised segment) Selection

Niche plays a crucial role to establish yourself on social platforms to get the attention of a particular crowd who is interested in the same niche that you are writing. You need to select a market demanding niche to write so that monetization will not take more time.

  1. Once you learn to read, you will be forever free

If you want to create a great piece of content you need to read more about the topics. Reading always gives you a lot of information, to have better clarity in what you are writing. In this Google world, you don’t need to only read book format. You can read e-books, blogs,e-papers, white papers, articles, etc.


  1. Deep writing

Writing about any topic needs more research to tell the facts and figures if required to give better understanding to your audience. Outline of any niche can be found in a single search in Google. But that’s not enough in this information era. To do deep content creation need to understand the niche deeply. Write the piece of content in simple English so that it will reach more audience.

  1. Tell Stories

From babies to elders all are fond of hearing stories, they will like it whether it’s fiction or non-fiction if it served in an interesting way. Keep blending stories in your content.

  1. Plan your content strategy

Planning a content strategy in the basement for any brands to create content to reflect your products and services to be sold.

Everyone is unique in this universe, but social platforms can group them with their gender, age, geography, interest, hobbies, etc to create a group of audiences to target with an ad campaign, thanks to AI & MI. Different platforms are for different audiences so don’t post the same unanimous content on all social media.

This is part-1 of the content writing process, in this, I didn’t give any conclusion. These are the basics of the content writing process.

Incoming, blogs will share more details.

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